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by Zackery Wilson

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bryface international music concern
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bryface international music concern Zack's album takes SNES samples to stylistic territory they were never intended for - and where few others have even imagined. The incredibly complex jazz-fusion songwriting gives the SNES sounds that much fresher a context to be enjoyed in, and absolutely demands your attention, yet without being so overcomplicated that it exceeds the limits of comfortable digestion. Favorite track: Suck 'R Punch [Kirby's Dream Land 3].
Dillon Ethier
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Dillon Ethier A collection of succinct, jaunty 16-bit chiptunes, each of which uses a sound font from a different SNES game (these are all original compositions, not VGM covers). Genre-wise it's hard to pin down, but it's jazzy, proggy, funky, and overall pretty danceable. The production is pretty slick, too.

I'm not sure if this album is supposed to be an homage to Shnabubula, but I think it's fair to consider it one. Though as others have pointed out, I'm also detecting a Joshua Morse vibe. Favorite track: EarthBound and DOWN [EarthBound].
Gregory Evangelista
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Gregory Evangelista Zackery Wilson is not someone I had heard of before Snesque, but is someone I will follow from here on out. Stylistically, there are definite elements of Joshua Morse's sound, and the album seems to find a groove it likes (and doesn't leave). Considering the unique use of SNES soundfonts, that's not an unwelcome approach. Even if some songs are a bit same-ey, it doesn't stop them from being supremely interesting and groovy, and it lends the album a strong sense of continuity. Favorite track: SaGa Be STARTin' Somethin' [Romancing SaGa].
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Zackery Wilson’s “SNESQUE” is the marriage of Super Nintendo soundfonts (i.e. collections of samples from original Super Nintendo video games) and modern-day audio production (i.e. EQ, delay, reverb, filters, etc.). For each original track, Zack adhered strictly to self-imposed limitations: Each was created using only one soundfont (exclusive to each respective game), again, only taking liberties with audio production and some creative sample manipulation (i.e. pitch-shifting, time-stretching, etc.); the structure of each track limited to roughly a minute’s worth of music, looping once (in the tradition of standard video game “level” music) before fading out.

From progressive rock to jazz fusion, samba to swing, “SNESQUE” is a hodgepodge of musical styles, connected by the nostalgic sound of Super Nintendo video games and the familiarity of present-day audio production techniques.


released September 27, 2014

Tracks 1-11 written, arranged, and produced by Zackery Wilson, 2014.
Track 12 written, arranged, and produced collaboratively with Player 2 (now known as Boba Sweat) (Jay Wilson), 2014.
Released in partnership with Ubiktune.
Cover artwork by Corey Marquart.

Created with FL Studio 11:; soundfonts (by Blitz Lunar, fluidvolt, iTeachVader, Mike Crain, sleepytimejesse, TSSF, Vienna Master, William Kage, Zetshiro):

A special thanks to my friends and family, especially my brother Jay, who continually has been my biggest help throughout any musical production, and my wife Lindsay, who has been my rock with her never-ending support and patience (remarkably even after hearing some tunes of mine thousands of times over). <3

And thanks to all for listening!

☆Player 2 (now known as Boba Sweat)☆

☆Zackery Wilson☆

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Zackery Wilson Austin, Texas

Composer, pianist, and video game enthusiast.

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